4.XMW/5.XMW Platform WTGS

Customizable For All Needs

4200-5000kWRated Power156-168mRotor Diameter3m/sCut-in Wind Speed
4.XMW/5.XMW Platform WTGS


4.X/5.X Platform WTGS

4.XMW/5.XMW series with the rated output from 4.2 MW to 5.0 MW features an increased rotor diameter and hub height up to 168 m and 140 m respectively.

Jointly developed by Sany Heavy Energy and Sany European Research Institute, this series focuses on the medium & high wind speed area in the parity market. Suitable for different topography and climate requirements.


Low loading and iterative optimization design technology effectively reduce the loading and weight of the wind turbine. The weight of all 4.XWM/5.XWM products is comparably lighter(no more than 140 tons including the transformer). Modular design makes separate transport and hoisting possible, thus greatly saving the hoisting and crane leasing costs.


The scheme of transformer up-positioning saves the cable cost from the ordinary box-type substation to the converter and the construction of the box-type substation on the ground is no need. This helps reduce the land acquisition cost and effectively decrease line loss, shorten the construction and maintenance period, thus reducing the comprehensive cost of the wind field.


Digital twins technology and experiments for both components and whole machine can help avoid various failure modes through design, which significantly improves reliability. It will improve the utilization rate and generation time of wind turbine equipment, and create higher profits for customers.


Power generation, operation and maintenance level of wind turbines are greatly improved through self-developed smart wind field technology, which will increase electricity generation income and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Specs & Compare

Models Rated Power Rotor Diameter Cut-in Wind Speed More Information
SE15642/45 4200/4500kW 156m 3m/s Catalogue
SE16045 4500kW 160m 3m/s Catalogue
SI-16050 5000kW 160m 3m/s Catalogue
SE16445/SI-16450 4500/5000kW 164m 3m/s Catalogue
SI-16850 4500/5000kW 168m 3m/s Catalogue

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