SSP Series Multifunction Paver

Smooth And Versatile

800 - 1100t/hPaving Capacity8 - 13mPaving Width35 - 55cmMax. Paving Thickness
SSP Series Multifunction Paver


Powerful Power Plant

180kW engine satisfies demanding power requirements.


Paving capability of over 900 tons per hour.

Capable of paving a mat up to 50 cm thick! The highest in the industry.

2 people can assemble the 9.5m bolt-on screed in 2 hours.


Conveyor is made of thickened, wear resistant steel plate with a service life in excess of 2000 hours.

Designed to endure non-stop paving operations in 50 degree celscuis temperatures.

Specs & Compare

Models Paving Capacity Paving Width Sấy nóng bàn là More Information
SSP80C-8 800t/h 8.2m Điện Catalogue
SSP90C-8 900t/h 9.2m Điện Catalogue
SSP100C-8 900t/h 10m Gas Catalogue
SSP125C-8 1100t/h 13m Gas Catalogue

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