SAP Series Asphalt Paver

Reliability And Durability

250 - 1100t/hPaving Capacity4.5 - 12mPaving Width25 - 35cmMax. Paving Thickness
SAP Series Asphalt Paver


Excellent Paving Performance

High strength screed– the strongest, most rigid design in the industry. Uses a frame structure with double layer anti-twist beams to produce consistently stable work.

Anti-segregation technology used in all aspects of material handling. Fully proportional, independent conveyor and auger controls match device speeds to paving speed – fully and independently adjustable for various material types.

To provide the ultimate in product support, machine controllers can be remotely monitored and even updated!

Stable & Reliable

Wiring harnesses built to industry standards to provide solid connections and protection against heat, cold and moisture.

The machine and it’s systems are designed to work non-stop, 24 hours a day under full load in a 50 degree celsius environment.

Specs & Compare

Models Paving Capacity Paving Width Sấy nóng bàn là More Information


250t/h 4,5m Điện Catalogue


450t/h 6m Điện Catalogue


900t/h 9.2m Điện Catalogue


900t/h 10m Điện Catalogue


1100t/h 12m Điện Catalogue

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