G seri concrete batching plant

The Fastest Assembling Ever

30 - 90 m³/hTheoretic Productivity500 - 1500LNominal Capacity of Mixer25 giây/mẻMixing speed
G seri concrete batching plant


Low Cost

Lower initial investment for quicker profits

Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption

Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs

Convenient & Fast

Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days.

Major components can be quickly and easily relocated.

Small & Flexible

Small footprint requires less site space.

Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site.

Stable & Reliable

6 step protection system ensures safety during operation.

Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications

Computer controlled manufacturing process

Specs & Compare

Models Theoretic Productivity Nominal Capacity of Mixer Kiểu cấp liệu More Information
HZS30G 30 m3/h 500L Gầu kíp Catalogue
HZS60G 60 m3/h 1000L Gầu kíp Catalogue
HZS90G 90 m3/h 1500L Gầu kíp Catalogue

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