C seri concrete batching plant

Precise dosing, intelligent control

120/240m³/hTheoretic Productivity2000/4000LNominal Capacity of Mixer25 giây/mẻMixing speed
C seri concrete batching plant


Energy Saving

To improve mixing efficiency, the discharge ports of the aggregate silo and powder hopper are arranged in the middle of the mixer.

Production tasks intelligently queue in such a way as to achieve continuous production, improving efficiency by 10%.

The self adapting control integrates environmental protection and leak reduction to increase the discharge rate by 25%.

Intelligent production process control reduces energy consumption by 10%.

To prevent binding associated with material buildup, Sany intelligent cleaning allows cleaning without the need for shutting down the machine periodically. This enhances output and reduces the maintenance workload.

Intelligent Control

The fault diagnostic system displays diagnostic messages in real time and displays reminders for maintenance based on operating conditions.

The system can be remotely upgraded to ensure the latest functions are available.

Envrionmental Protection

The enclosed feed design significantly reduces environmental impact.

Patented pressure relieving technology for the powder silo effectively collects dust and eliminates the need for roof access.

The optional waste water and waste materials system recycles these valuable materials.

Easy Maintenance

The overhaul cover plates and suspension points of the mixer permit convenient maintenance access and component replacement.

The hopper cover plate design provides unprecedented convenience for liner examination and replacement.

The powder hopper has a patented overhaul cap that solves the problem of breather pipe blockage.

The mixer cover is designed with caking prevention features and is configured with multiple manholes for convenient cleaning.

Specs & Compare

ModelsTheoretic ProductivityNominal Capacity of MixerKiểu cấp liệuMore Information


120 m3/h2000LGầu kípCatalogue 


240 m3/h4000LBăng tải xiênCatalogue 

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