37m Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

High cost-efficiency

36.5mVertical Reach160m³/hOutput7 - 12MPaPressure
37m Truck-mounted Concrete Pump


Energy-saving Technology

When system pressure reaches 12Mpa:No. of stroke reaches 29t/Min. Pump efficiency increases 25%(Max). Diesel consumption decreases 10%.

Anti Overswing Technology

To use top rotation brake technology to control the amplitude of Boom on swing, the boom’s overswing amplitude is reduced by 60%.

Longer Life Time Wearing Parts

Delivery pipe

Discharge port/transition bushing

Concrete piston

Wear plate/cutting ring

Delivery cylinder

Self-diagnosis Technology

Continually monitors more than 200 aspects of the system during operation. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.

Safety Protection Technology

Overload protection for boom cylinders

Agitator safety switch off

Boom interference preventing technology

Specs & Compare

ModelsVertical ReachOutputPressureEngine typeMore Information

SYG5260THB 370C-10

36.5m160/ m³/h7 – 12MPaP11C-WECatalogue

SYG5261THBES 370C-10

36.5m160/ m³/h7 – 12MPaD12C5-490E0Catalogue

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