Single Drum Roller

The Most Efficient Worker

10 - 26TOperating Weight246/124 - 420/310kNCentrifugal Force93 - 180kWRated Power
Single Drum Roller


High Efficiency

10% greater excitation force than other products in the same category resulting in 16.7% greater production.

Extended Life Time

The use of water wheel type lubrication on the vibratory bearing extends the bearing life up to 5,000 hours.

The engine air filter is raised and the air is filtered twice to protect the engine.

The hydraulic system contains three stage filtration.

Operator Comfort

Cab mounted on vibration damping mounts

Cab temperature control

Operator control forces have been reduced

Safety Features

Rounded bumpers front and rear

Large rear glass and sloped hood for greater visibility

Specs & Compare

ModelsOperating WeightCentrifugal ForceRated PowerMore Information


10T246/124 kN93 kWCatalogue


12T280/178 kN93 kWCatalogue


20T380/275 kN147 kWCatalogue


22T410/300 kN147 kWCatalogue


26T420/310 kN180 kWCatalogue

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