Pneumatic Tyre Roller

Designed To Be Safer

16 - 30TMax. Operating Weight2085 - 2368mmCompaction Width93 - 140kWEngine Power
Pneumatic Tyre Roller


Automatic Oil-spraying Technology

Pneumatic powered automatic oil-spraying prevents asphalt from sticking to the tires.

Two minute suction refill of oil tank eliminates the manual refilling.

Eliminates the safety hazard of manually applying oil.

Hydraulic Drive System

Continuously variable drive system provides smooth starting and stopping.

Controls are easy to learn and easy to operate.

Automatic Inflation System

Tire pressure is adjustable from within the cab.

Even and consistent air pressure ensures compaction quality.

Air pressure is maintained even when a tire has a slow leak.

Hydraulic Brake System

Hydraulic braking is engaged upon engine or transmission failure.

Braking distance is 50% less than similar equipment.

Transaxle brake is applied when the equipment stops without the need for hand brake.

Exceptional Compaction Performance

Meeting the demands of compaction for asphalt road and cement stabilized base.

Specs & Compare

Models Max. Operating Weight Pressure Engine Power More Information


16T 200-400 kPa 93 kW Catalogue


20T 200-480 kPa 93 kW Catalogue


26T 200-520 kPa 140 kW Catalogue


30T 200-520 kPa 140 kW Catalogue

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