C Rotary Drilling Rig

Easy to transport

1500 - 2500mmMax. Pile Diameter56 - 100mMax. Pile Depth48 - 110TOperating Weight
C Rotary Drilling Rig


Efficient and flexible

Widely used in small dia. & deep borehole construction in civil engineering, high main hoist lifting up and down speed, high verticality of finished borehole, high working efficiency in civil construction.

Special chassis

Telescopic large widening chassis designed for rotary drilling rig, roller type large diameter slewing bearing to guarantee the high stability in deep borehole construction.

Economical and energy-saving

Imported large-displacement EFI engine with strong power, adopts power optimization control technology, adjusts power distribution in real time, fast response speed, higher fuel efficiency and more energy-saving.

High reliability

The mast adopts box structure with strong resistance to torsion and fatigue; sixth generation kelly bar adopting upgraded material and strengthened block ring, the overall strength increased by 25% with high drilling ability in strongly weathered rock layer.

Specs & Compare

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