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Truck crane “model S” – the convergence of many special features

Known as “golden child of SANY Group”- truck cranes “model S”, which have a lifting capacity of 30-100 tons, have brought a big revenue to SANY. This product has a lot of special features and is one of the most important products in SANY’s strategy.


Compared with ordinary truck crane, this product has many advantages, such as:

  • Lifting capacity improved from 5 to 10 tons due to stronger structure.
  • Productivity increases by 15%, highly automatical features.
  • The systems of special booms has U-shaped and the length of the booms of 300S, 600S, 800S truck cranes respectively are 40.5m, 43.5m, 47m.
  • New type of rotary structure, counter weight system is more diverse and set up in many different configuration.
  • Movement system is designed creatively: the reasonable layout of engine, gearbox and transmission system makes chassis have plenty of space to set up many locked toolboxes on the floor.
  • Cabin was designed to have more space and more suitable.



After two years of testing in China, early in 2015, truck cranes “model S” have been exported to many countries, such as: Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Brazil… and got lots of good feedback from customers.


With many special features, easy to maintain, but reasonable price, SANY corporation and Thang Long TCE believe that this product is very suitable in Viet Nam market and will bring great value to investors.