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Tower crane – the strategic product of SANY corporation

Following their success, after a long time of research, after being producted and tested in China, SANY has exported tower cranes from 6 to 25 tons with many advanced and outstanding features. Although this product is produced lately, it was invented much earlier and researched thorougly by Research Institute of Sany.


SANY tower crane is the combination of modern technology and traditional technology, together with the combination of worldwide technologies and the intellect of SANY corporation.


+ Advantages of SANY tower crane are:
– Intelligent control systems, safety operation and perfect protection.
– Multifuntional control display:
+ Show real-time working parameters.
+ Automatical self- dianosis of fault
+ The “black box” records real-time working process:
– Have a system which can prevent dual overload and danger when the machine isn’t safe enough.
– Have an advanced system which can control movement of trolleying intelligently: automatically stop working when the pressure exceeds safety limitation or when the working angles bigger than permitted safety limitation.
Always aim to the slogan – “Quality changes the world”, all products of SANY corporation (especially tower crane, the product requires high safety factor) always put quality on the top and comply with European standard. Therefore, after just a short time available in the market, SANY tower crane has affirmed the quality, was appreciated by experts and has got lots of good feedback from customers. SANY tower crane is really stragic product of SANY Group.


In Vietnam, Thang Long TCE was very confident to bring SANY tower crane to customers. These products are available now at Thang Long TCE service center in Phu Thi – Gia Lam – Ha Noi. In January 2016, the SANY tower crane sold by Thang Long TCE will be used in Vincom Trung Tu project.


Some photos of SANY tower cranes: