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The program “Technical Exchange 2015: Customers – SANY – TCE”

On 25/08/2015, at the service center in Phu Thi – Gia Lam – Ha Noi, Thang Long Construction Technology and Equipment company organized the program “Technical Exchange: 2015 CUSTOMERS – SANY – TCE “.

Exchange Program was held with the participation of Thang Long TCE’s board of directors, Technical Director of SANY Vietnam, SANY specialists in truck cranes and rotary drilling rigs, Thang Long TCE’s service staffs with numerous Thang Long TCE’s truck crane customers nationwide.


The content of this program includes: intensive training for customers about theory and practice of operating and maintaining truck cranes; discussion of all matters relating to the technique of truck cranes.


To begin the meeting, Mr. Chu The Hung (Deputy General Director of Thang Long TCE) gave an opening speech.




After that, Mr. HaiQing (Technical Director of SANY Vietnam) and Mr. Nguyen Le Don (Service manager of Thang Long TCE) gave welcome speechs to all of the people attanding this meeting.




Taking place after that are lessons including theory and practical training on the equipment. The customers discuss directly with SANY’s & TCE’s engineers on matters related to the machines.




At the end of the training program, Board of directors, Engineers of SANY & TCE and the customers took a souvenir photo together.



Finally, on behalf of the Thang Long TCE, Service Director Mr. Nguyen Le Don gave some gifts to customers:





The program is not only the most sincere thanks to all our customers for trusting our products, but also the technical exchange between the engineers of the manufacturer, of the dealer and mechanic operations which help customers with more useful knowledge about the operation and maintenance of machines.


This is also an opportunity to Thang Long TCE to listen and understand customer’s needs, so that improve and enhance the quality of service.


For the customers due to busy work so can’t attend the meeting, our company will send some gifts to your offices. We hope that the next program can meet all of our customers nationwide.