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Thang Long TCE was honored to be chosen as the authorized Dealer of SANY rotary drilling rig in Viet Nam

On 30/09/2010, at the National Convention Center Hanoi has successfully organized awarding ceremony of SANY rotary drilling rig series authorized Dealer in Vietnam between Thang Long Construction Technology and Equipment company and SANY Corporation. This event received much attention from the media, investors, contractors and experts in nation and abroad.


SANY is China’s biggest manufacturer of construction equipment and ranks 5th in the world with 24 subsidiaries presenting in 150 countries worldwide with product lines such as concrete equipment, lifting equipment (crawler cranes, truck cranes, tower cranes,…), pile driving equipment (drilling rig,…) and equipment of port, road building equipment, mining,…


Before becoming the Authorized Dealer of SANY in Viet Nam, Thang Long TCE distributed SANY series of rotary drilling rig in Vietnam market and received positive feedback from customers. This is the modern series, and was designed in accordance with the conditions and the geological construction in Vietnam, the drilling rig of Sany was at the construction site such as: Hud tower (Le Van Luong), Viglacera building (Khuat Duy Tien), Diamond Flower (Hoang Dao Thuy),… During working time, SANY equipment is always appreciated about the quality, usability and compatibility with geological and construction conditions in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.


Mr. Le Manh Hung – General Director of Thang Long TCE said: “To meet the requirements of customers, after having thorough research in the peculiar construction in Vietnam, Thang Long TCE together with SANY corporation brought to Vietnam market some product lines of SANY rotary drilling rig and got very good signals from the clients as well as from experts in nation and abroad. Therefore, Thang Long TCE trust that SANY corporation will be a long-term co-operator”.


In addition, Thang Long construction technology and equipment JSC will perform all maintenance work on the warranty, component suppliers and Other after-sales services. Currently, Thang Long TCE has prepared one parts and components warehouse and a team of professional technicians can meet the requirements of warranty maintenance as well as providing parts, genuine spare parts to customers 24 / 24h.


The event will open up opportunities for contractors, investors to have access to the genuine products of high quality, with advanced features, efficient operation in terms of construction, but reasonable cost and best after-sales service in Viet Nam.


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