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Thang Long TCE – 5 years one journey

5 years isn’t a long time, but is also a milestone to look back on the achievements we reached, consider and propose orientations in the future. At the start-up time, Thang Long TCE only have a staff of 10 members and is the authorized dealer of just one SANY product that is SANY rotary drilling rig.


Through formation and development time, until now, we have had a nationwide staff of more than 100 members. More honorly, now Thang Long TCE is the Dealer of the 5 product series: rotary drilling rig, crawler crane, truck cranes, SANY tower cranes and cargo crane SANY-PALFINGER in Viet Nam


5 years past, we relize that the market is developing at breakneck speed, enterprises are constantly improving and enhancing the equipment, the technology, management ability,… Recognising that problems, We understand that there are many things we done well over years, but there are still many many things we have to improve and further improve to catch up the trend of market. Therefore, we must do our utmost to improve ourselves, improve the management ablility, make Thang Long Construction Technology and Equipment company develop sustainably and have brand reputation.


On the occasion of the 5th founding anniversary, Thang Long TCE gives sincerely thank to the whole staff who has dedicated their best because of work, dedicated to the development of the company; to family and friends always beside us, always encourage and help us overcome difficulties and challenges. Specially, We would like to thank the help and cooperation of our clients during the last 5 years and always look forward to co-operating together to share success in the next stage.