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SR285RC8 rotary drilling rig – Advanced technology creats outstanding quality – C8

Always hold the motto:”Quality changes the world”, SANY Group is constantly improving technology to create good quality products with superior features. In early 2014, SANY Beijing has released a new generation product – C8 with many outstanding advantages:

– C1: New industrial design
– C2: The fifth generation of rotary drive
– C3: New generation of chassis
– C4: Rock drilling and anti- shock technology
– C5: Hydraulic system with excellent shock resistance ability
– C6: New drilling tools for super-hard rock
– C7: Multifunction
– C8: S- ADMS Control System


As the name “Advanced technology achieves superior quality”, SR285RC8 drilling rig represents for C8 generation. It has many outstanding features: new drilling tolls for superhard rock, eye-catching and modern design. Moreover, working efficency increases by more than 27%, durability and stability in working time increases by 25%. With a capacity of 250 KW chassis and drilling depth of 88 / 57m, this product helps investors have more options and solutions for complex terrain.


Thang Long Construction Technology and Equipment J.S.C was honored to handed the first C8 drilling rig in Vietnam (model SR285RC8) to Ha Trang Investment Construction & Trading Joint Stock Company. This machine is being used at the construction site in Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Province.


Some pictures of SR285RC8 rotary drilling rig: