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The norm that “All for the customers’s satisfaction” is one of the leading priorities of TCE to carry out  the policy“the customers is the centre”. Indentifying that “Services is an important factor to exist and develop sustainably”, TCE company always effectuate 06 comitments about after-sales:

  1. All the necessary genuine spare parts are fully reserved and distributed properly for all service centers of TCE company.
  2. Before the machines operates, our customers are always  trained about operating and maintaining the equipments.We also open training course in every three months and every years.
  3. Comply with the process of taking care of the machines periodically during warranty time, consult and ask the customers for maintaining the equipments frequently according to the standards of manufacturer after warranty time. Contact with the customers one month/ one time (through telephone or direct meeting)
  4. After receiving the requirement of the services, we will give the emergency solutions and necessary work tools within 02 hours, after 24 hours, we will be at the sites of the customers.
  5. Quickly carry out service operations and put machines into normal working status is No. 1, and then complete the reports and conclusions.
  6. When working, all the engineers have to show the spririt the best, work hard and fast as the culture of TCE. If our staffs have the bad attitude and do the opposite of regulations and culture of the company when contacting with the clients, we will severely criticize and take discipline.