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Recruiment: 01 male storekeeper

1. Descriptions:
–Manage materials, equipments in our company’s factory
–Manage equipments, assets for rent at site
– Làm các báo cáo về tài sản hàng tháng và hàng quý… (Make the records Monthly and quarterly about assets)
2. Working requirement:
–Graduated from college
–Use computer skillfully
–Prior to persons who have the experience in managing materials, construction equipments
– The work will be discussed in the directl interview when applicants come)
3. Interests:
– Được hưởng mọi chế độ và phúc lợi theo quy định của công ty và theo quy định của nhà nước Be entitled all the regime and welfare according to regulations of our company and Viet Nam)
4. Contact us:
Ms Quynh – Mobile: 0936622366
Form of handing in the Documents: through email: thuyquynh@thanglongtce.vn or direct in: Thang Long Construction Technology & Equipment J.S.C
Floor 1L- Multi-function Building- 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu- Cau Giay Dist- Ha Noi
Deadline : up to 15/09/2015