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On early spring days, Thang Long TCE big family visits pagodas praying for luckiness and happiness

Visiting pagodas and temples in the New Year is wonderful tradition of Vietnamese in general and of Thang Long TCE in particular. Steming from sincere reverence to Buddha, we promise a lucky, peaceful and prosperous year.


Once a year, on the first weekend of spring, nationwide officials of TCE family gathere and go to pagodas praying for peacefulness and luckiness. In 2015, Thang Long TCE continues to visit again Con Son – Kiep Bac relics, Cua Ong Temple, Cai Bau pagoda, Cua Suot little girl and Yen Tu religious mountain. This is an opportunity for everyone in the company to be closer to each other, understand each other better and be more solidary. Proving that Thang Long TCE is not only a strong business company, but also a highly humane one.