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Many Sany’s products are used in 2nd stage of Vinhomes Times City project

2nd stage of Vinhomes Times City project is called Times City Park Hill, invested by VinGroup which has been honored as the most expensive real estate brand in Vietnam. With a total land area of 74.204 m2 and the building area of 16.912 m2, in this second stage, buildings, luxury apartments and commercial facilities is built on the idea of “resort lifestyle in the heart of urban”.


With high technical requirements, only professional contractors with the most modern machines can paticipate in this project. In order to meet requirements, the contractors trusted to use SANY’s machines. SANY’s bed, which is used in this project, includes: 8 rotary drilling rigs, 2 truck cranes, 2 concrete mixer trucks.




SANY’s equipmenst are in construction side


Contractors in this project are also companies owning one of first SANY’s rotary drilling rigs in Viet Nam. These companies are very successful, suchk as: Long Giang Company, the Company Lanmak, y Fountech company,… this seems more and more states: “Where there is SANY’s equipments, in which there’re promising and successful”.