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Formosa started to build a millions worth steel mill

Formosa Ha Tinh steel factory is considered the largest in Southeast Asia.


image008Formosa leaders introduce the project to the Prime Minister and the leaders of Ha Tinh province.


On 2th December, Formosa oganized groundbreaking ceremony of Formosa Ha Tinh steel factory project, a key project in the complex port and steelmaking from Taiwan, with a total estimated project cost is $ 15 billion for the two periods.
Officially starting from 7/2008, combination of Formosa project includes iron and steel smelters, deep seaport system with 300,000 tons capacity vessel access and power plants.
As reported by the investor, Formosa Ha Tinh steel factory, considered to be the largest in Southeast Asia, is located in Vung Ang Industrial Zone, covering an area of 318.72 hectares, of which area are more than 2,025 hectares of land and over 1,293 ha of water surface area. The plant has a planned capacity of 10 million tons / year in phase 1 and more than 20 million tons / year in phase 2.
Để phục vụ triển khai dự án, thời gian qua tỉnh Hà Tĩnh đã thực hiện bồi thường, giải phóng mặt bằng gần 2 nghìn ha đất, với 11.825 lượt hộ gia đình, cá nhân, tổ chức; thực hiện di dời gần 3 nghìn hộ dân cùng 58 nhà thờ, gần 15 nghìn ngôi mộ lên khu tái định cư. Hiện tỉnh đang tiếp tục triển khai các giải pháp để giúp người dân tái định cư có cuộc sống ổn định.
To accommodate the project, recent years, Ha Tinh province has made compensation, clearance almost 2 thousand hectares of land and displaced nearly 3 thousand households with 58 churches, nearly 15 thousand graves resettlement areas. The province is continuing to offer solutions to help the people resettle and have a stable life.
Groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. The Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of Formosa in the accelerating early stage steel mill with a capacity of 10 million tons/year and appreciated the efforts of Ha Tinh provice in the clearance by resettlement.
He also reminded the investors about complying with its commitment to progress, quality, and Ha Tinh provinces require active support of foreign investors.
With regard to water supply project for Formosa and Vung Ang Economic Zone, one of the problems arising today, representatives of Ha Tinh said that the government will grant approximately 2.000 billion for the project and Ha Tinh province will spend another 1,000 billion together with investors to complete the project of water supply in the shortest time.

(Source: Vneconomy Report)