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Engineer Careers (Service engineers, construction equipment engineers)

What are you doing?

For Service engineers:
– Warranty, maintain and repair the equipments our company supply (crawler cranes, truck cranes and rotary drilling rigs)
–Plan to maintain and repair, materials to take the place of equipments
For construction equipment engineers:
– Manage and co-ordinate equipments
– Maintain and repair equipments
Main responsibility:
–Receive, hand over technology to manuals; run, maintain & repair technical equipments
– Keep system of documents scientificly, conveniently to look up and research
– Daily report on regulations of technical works.
–Other missions under arrangement of managers.
–Others on a directly interview when applicants come
Working requirement:
– (Graduated from University, suitable speciality)
+ Motors
+ Hydraulic Systems
+ Electric Control Systems
–Can work independently and use computer and concerning software well
–Be able to read English and Chinese documents
–Salary: Agreed to candidate’s ability
–Regime: Have welfare fund due to regulation of our company and state
– Work in professional, friendly& hard-working environment, , and participate in our company’s extra activities.
Working place: Ha Noi & Ho Chi Minh city
The requirement of Document :
– CV with a photo
–Detailed sheet of working process
–Have to present copy of diploma according to speciality we need and our company does not return your application if you are not selected)
Deadline: up to 15/08/2015